Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Bulgaria Student Visit

Iron sculptures in Sozopol

How to avoid the rain in Burgas

Collecting local advertisments

Tasting food served to the elderly and infirm by a charity in Burgas

Traditional Bulgarian choir

Ruins in Nessebar

Beautiful sea gardens in Burgas

Testing out the Black Sea in Burgas

Creating culinary masterpieces 

Traditional textiles in the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas

Picking teams for the treasure hunt

Thracian Tomb in Pomorie

Traditional wedding cockerel in the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas

Cradle in the Ethnographic Museum in Burgas

Meeting all the students in the town hall in Burgas

Traditional Bulgarian food

Collecting our certificates

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Repertory Theatre Master Class

3 day Master Class at the Repertory Theatre. Kayleigh is learning how to create a prosthetic wound using illustrator paints. The head of wigs and make up, Andy Whiteoak, demonstrated the technique and gave us valuable tips.

The end result including fake blood

Andy demonstrates adding a single human hair to a wig block ( looks a lot easier than it is)

A wig made for a production and the actor is hit with a hammer and her brain is exposed through the wig, an example of Andy's work

ageing effect using a paint on paste ( difficult to remove )

Visiting speaker Darren Nevin, who is a local artist based  in Birmingham, showing examples of passed work including Doctor Who

and now the new Star Wars movie

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Loves Adores Live Project Initial Design Presentation

BTEC Level 3 Art and Design 2nd year students were selected to produce logo designs for a new brand Loves Adores. Here the clients Lacey and Grace Lloyd selected their most preferred designs for the students to develop into final logo designs.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

"FEED" Night. Award winning animator Drew Roper visits OUTLINE.

Programme manager Ian Andrews and Foundation course leader Graham Lawlor warmly welcomed former Foundation student Drew Roper for our third "FEED" night of 2013/14. Following successfully working on well known projects like The Fantastic Mr Fox, Franklenweenie and Shaun the sheep at the  famous Aardman Studios, Drew decided to go it alone and founded his own animation company in 2009 based in Birmingham called Yamination.

Drew gave a passionate and informative talk about his animation work and the various challenges that  people face when setting up a creative industries company. He has worked with top companies including Coca-Cola and Cravendale  and is also engaged in creating his first full length animated feature film.

As well as clips from his animated features Drew spoke in detail about obtaining funding for his various projects and gave practical business planning advice, highlighting the crucial part played  by networking and promoting yourself.

As ever with our guest speakers any students who brought work with them and wanted practical advice Drew was only too pleased to stay after the talk and discuss possible careers with individuals and small groups.

OUTLINE would like to extend a huge thank you to Drew for his time, his passion and his offer for students to visit him at his studio.

Monday, 17 March 2014

The West Midlands Lieutenancy "Live" brief.

OUTLINE welcomed back Martin Tunstall from the Lord lieutenant's office to review work produced by visual communication specialists in response to his earlier project brief. Earlier posts show that the original project was a constructed textile/ interior design brief for the offices of the West Midlands lieutenancy but they were so impressed with the dedication of the Foundation students that it was decided to invite visual communication specialists on the Extended Diploma course to respond with print and CAD techniques.

In keeping with  the OUTLINE philosophy of "real" experiences the students had to pitch their ideas to Martin and explain the inspiration behind their print and CAD pieces.

The work involved  digital printing, silk - screen printing and laser cut elements.

As with  the constructed textile pieces, now installed in the West Midlands offices, the print/CAD pieces will be framed and also go on display, giving the students the experience of a real "live" brief, presented to a real client and seen in a prestigious environment.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Subsidiary Diploma's "Animal Forms" project on display in the OUTLINE gallery.

The enormously successful yellow week project for first year subsidiary diploma students was displayed in the OUTLINE gallery for the private view of the level 1 2 and 3 exhibition.

The work was all produced in a three day intensive, experimental workshop and the exhibition clearly shows the different stages of print based work, line drawings, wire sculptures and large environmental drawings.

The sheer scale, complexity and variety of the work underlines the OUTLINE ethos of ambitious experimental approaches. This work was produced in three days by first year students!

A huge well done to all the students who took part in the exhibition it looks fabulous and you should be justifiably proud of your efforts.